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To Whom It May Concern

I strongly emphasize to my students that they have a voice and that they matter. I strongly emphasize that their age does not matter when it comes to voicing their opinions. As long as they present their views in a respectful way and respect others' views, then their age becomes just a number. They should not be dismissed simply because of their age. We are all entitled to our feelings and emotions.

In our 1st video of the summer, To Whom It May Concern, I made the assignment very simple. They needed to write a letter about how they feel being a student in today's society. Seeing as my co-teacher, Curtis, and I have graduated and are no longer in the school system, I wanted to get my students' perspective. We never had to experience a lockdown or practice lockdown drills. I wanted them to share with us, and ultimately all of you, what being a student really means. We wanted them to focus on how they feel going to school after hearing about a school tragedy, how little things that we might not recognize have been forever altered because of current events, and how through everything, they still have faith and hope that change can happen.

It would be a tremendous gift to my students if you would watch, like, comment, and share this video. This assignment took us several weeks and I learned so much from these teens.

Being a teacher is not only teaching your students, but continuing to learn from them as well. I love my job.

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